Learn to “Knit with Aabhar”

Learn how to knit new stitch patterns from AabharCreations every week! It’s a very tight ‘knit’ group!!

The “Knit with Aabhar” series will cover different patterns so that we have something for everyone, from beginners to pros. You can find a variety of knitting patterns, including cables, all-over laces, textures, knits & purls, and lace panels.

All the patterns also include a print-friendly version of knitting stitch charts, so you’ll always have them with you whenever needed.

And these easy-to-learn beginner-friendly patterns from “Knit with Aabhar” series will inspire you to start your very own first knitting project, be it a shawl, scarf, blanket, or anything else!

Keep checking every week and learn something new and amazing!