steel crochet hook size chart

Steel Crochet Hook Size Chart

There are two types of crochet hooks – one that is meant for yarns and the other, steel crochet hooks, for threads, or lace-weight yarns.

Crochet projects like laces or doilies are made from crochet threads or lace-weight yarns. And you need steel crochet hooks to make them!

These steel crochet hooks are similar to the aluminum crochet hook, but they come in much smaller sizes considering they are used for crocheting with threads instead of yarns.

Steel Crochet Hook Size Conversion Chart

The steel crochet hooks have separate sizing and measurements. The size chart is a little different than the regular crochet hook sizing.

The sizing of steel crochet hooks is similar to the sizing of crochet threads; the higher the number, the smaller the hook.

Check out the steel crochet hook size conversion chart, which will help you choose the correct size of the steel crochet hook needed for your project.

MetricUK SizeUS Size
3.50 mm00
3.25 mm00
2.75 mm11
2.25 mm1 1/22
2.10 mm23
2 mm2 1/24
1.90 mm35
1.80 mm3 1/26
1.65 mm47
1.50 mm4 1/28
1.40 mm59
1.30 mm5 1/210
1.10 mm611
1 mm6 1/212
0.85 mm713
0.75 mm14

Just like with regular crochet hooks, always work up a gauge swatch with the suggested hook and compare it to the gauge mentioned in the pattern before proceeding with crocheting your actual piece of work.

If the swatch is larger than the pattern gauge, switch the hook and use a smaller one. Conversely, if your gauge swatch is too small, redo it using a larger hook.

For an easy reference, here is the steel hook size conversion chart as a graphic! You can even pin it to your Pinterest account!

Size Chart Steel Crochet Hooks

Here is the downloadable PDF of the size conversion chart for steel crochet hooks!

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