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Knit with Aabhar – Chain Cable Stitch Pattern

Pattern Description

Chain Cable Stitch Pattern is a variant of cable knitting that creates a set of twisting and twining cables. To make the Chain Cables, you need to use the basic cable knitting techniques and add the crossing of cables over the reverse stockinette stitch background.

You can knit the Chain Cable Stitch pattern as an accent panel in your project, or you can create the repeats of the pattern to make it an all over cable pattern as shown in the images.

You can create a slight variation to the twining of cable by replacing the T5R (Twist 5 Right) in row 1 with T5L (Twist 5 Left). This will give you a chain cable that twists to the left side.

The free knit pattern of Chain Cable Stitch is perfect for making pullovers, cuddly cushion covers, pillows, and even scarves as it is very soft and comfortable.

Pattern Details

Skill Level

Row Count

Pattern Repeat
Panel of 9 stitches

Chain Cable Knit Stitch Chart


This free knit pattern is written in US terms. You can also check out other common knit abbreviations

CNCable needle
COCast on
RSRight side
T3BTwist 3 Back (sl 1 st to CN, hold in back, k2 from left needle, p1 from CN) – also called Knit Two Over One Right Purl Cross (2/1 RPC)
T3FTwist 3 Front (sl 2 sts to CN, hold in front, p1 from left needle, k2 from CN) – also called Knit Two Over One Left Purl Cross (2/1 LPC)
T5RTwist 5 Right (sl 2 sts to CN, hold in back, k3 from left needle, p2 from CN) – also called Knit Three Over Two Right Purl Cross (3/2 RPC)
WSWrong side

Pattern Instructions

CO 9 stitches.

Row 1:(RS) – p2, T5R, p2.
Row 2:k2, p2, k1, p2, k2.
Row 3:p1, T3B, p1, T3F, p1.
Row 4:k1, p2, k3, p2, k1.
Row 5:T3B, p3, T3F.
Row 6:p2, k5, p2.
Row 7:k2, p5, k2.
Row 8:Repeat Row 6.
Row 9:T3F, p3, T3B.
Row 10:Repeat Row 4.
Row 11:p1, T3F, p1, T3B, p1.
Row 12:Repeat Row 2.

Repeat this free knit pattern (12 rows) over a reverse stockinette stitch background until you have reached the desired length for your work.

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