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25 Best Christmas Amigurumi Patterns

Christmas amigurumi is a beautiful way to make a cute gift or add to the home decor. Explore the fun and free patterns in our collection and find some quick and easy projects for Christmas!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Without a doubt, all crafters and yarn hobbyists wait for this festive season to get started with new and exciting holiday-themed projects. There are so many cute Christmas decorations that you can create, ranging from Christmas trees, tree skirts, ornaments, nativity sets, cuddle-worthy amigurumi toys, and so much more!

There’s still some time to Christmas, so you can indulge in making any of the projects without having to worry about time! These free patterns for Christmas amigurumi won’t take much of your time. And, the best part, you will be able to decorate your home with these little cuties! It’s awesome, isn’t it? And, if you are stuck thinking about what gift to give, Christmas amigurumi toys are just what you need!

If you are a crochet beginner, you might be wondering that this article isn’t for me, but that isn’t so! You can make most of these amigurumi toys with just basic amigurumi techniques. There are several informative tutorials that you can follow and make a small toy for Christmas without any problem.

Here’re some of the free patterns for Christmas amigurumi toys and home decor that we love the most!

Christmas Amigurmi Trees

Christmas time is synonymous with huge Christmas trees with all the decorative baubles and bright lights. Why not make some cute decorative Christmas trees that you can place around the house? These simple and free crochet patterns for adorable amigurumi trees are super exciting.

#1 Christmas Tree Kawaii Amigurumi

A quick and elegant decor for your home, this Kawaii Christmas Tree can sit on your shelf or even a window sill! It’s almost like an ‘Elf on Shelf’ type project.

Christmas Amigurumi Patterns Pattern: Christmas Tree Kawaii Amigurumi by Marta Ruso

#2 Christmas Tree Ami

This round and adorable Christmas Tree is a classic amigurumi pattern that will make your home decor look more festive this season. It might be the smallest Christmas tree, but it’s just as fun and festive as the others. You can also get creative with the accents and add anything such as ribbons, buttons, or other small things to decorate your mini tree.

Christmas Amigurumi Patterns Pattern: Christmas Tree Ami by Holly Faith Salzman

#3 Christmas Tree Doll

A unique but festive idea – if you want to make something different this season, try this amigurumi baby doll inspired by a Christmas tree.

Pattern: Christmas Tree Doll from Hobbii

Tree Ornaments

Now that you have seen some tree cuties, why not make something to decorate your tree! The amigurumi Christmas ornaments will make the tree look unique, and you can even gift these handmade ornaments to your loved ones. These free crochet patterns are easy to make, and you can make a bunch of them easily.

#4 Christmas Ornament Collection

This little snowman, penguin, reindeer, and elf ornament collection is the perfect way to decorate your tree for the holidays. You can even hang them around the house or on your wreath.

Christmas Amigurumi Patterns Pattern: Christmas Ornament Collection from Neogurumi

#5 Christmas Tree Ornament – Free Amigurumi Pattern

These cute little Christmas tree ornaments almost look like tiny cupcakes!

Pattern: Christmas Tree Ornament from HelloYellowYarn

#6 Christmas Crochet Baubles

These crochet baubles are soft, squishy, and eco-friendly, so you don’t need any existing plastic or glass bauble to make these beauties. You can use them as ornaments, especially if you have small babies or pets who like shiny and breakable things!

Pattern: Christmas Crochet Baubles from Crochetpedia

#7 Christmas Tree Ornamets – Conventional Designs

It’s a quick project where you can give your home decor a little handmade touch! You can use them as Christmas amigurumi ornaments or string them together to make a garland or a bunting.

Pattern: Christmas Tree Ornaments - Free Crochet Pattern from Life Adorned

#8 Amigurumi Christmas Gnome Ornament Free Pattern

You can even make some Christmas amigurumi ornaments that look like tiny gnomes!

Pattern: Amigurumi Christmas Gnome Ornament Free Pattern from AmigurumiCrochet

Candy Cane & Gingerbread Man

Christmas also means mouthwatering smells of freshly baked gingerbread and candy canes. To get in the spirit of Christmas, along with the tree, you need a collection of cookies and candies to entice Santa to come down the chimney!

#9 Gingerbread Boy Free Crochet Pattern

Unlike most other patterns in this Christmas amigurumi pattern roundup, the Gingerbread Boy is crocheted in rows. To give it a festive look, you can switch the accent colors to red and green. It seems that this little man found himself a cookie fan!

Pattern: Gingerbread Boy Free Crochet Pattern from Spin A Yarn Crochet

#10 Gingerbread Man Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern

The Gingerbread Man Amigurumi pattern is simple, and you’ll be able to make a batch of ’em in no time!

Pattern: Gingerbread Man Amigurumi - Free Crochet Pattern from StringyDingDing
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#11 Amigurumi Candy Cane

This cute Amigurumi Candy Cane decoration is perfect for the holiday season. You can attach a string to make an ornament out of it or simply place it on the side table as decor.

Pattern: Amigurumi Candy Cane from Ravelry

Santa, Elf, Snowman, and Reindeer

A set of Christmas amigurumi patterns cannot be complete without Santa and his little helpers. Santa needs his little hardworking, and happy friends to be a part of your home decor or even a gift for someone you love.

#12 Christmas Amigurumi Set

Feel the magic of Christmas by making this whole set of cute little projects. There’s Mr. Santa, Reindeer, Snowman, Mrs. Santa, and the whole crew. You can make the whole set or a few favorites; it’s up to you! And, if you make the set as a gift for your kids, you can ensure that they’ll be busy playing with the happy bunch for a long time.

Pattern: Christmas Amigurumi Set from StringyDingDing

#13 Cuddle Me Santa Claus

Which kid in the world doesn’t want their own Santa? Well, now you can gift your little one a Santa toy with this amigurumi crochet pattern.

Pattern: Cuddle Me Santa Claus from Amigurumi Today
Christmas Amigurumi Patterns

#14 Friendly Santa Shelf Sitter

This free amigurumi pattern will guide you to make a sweet little decoration that sits on your shelves with his long striped legs hanging over!

Pattern: Friendly Santa Shelf Sitter from TheFriendlyFox
Christmas Amigurumi Patterns

#15 Little Christmas Elf

This little elf comes with a cute red and green outfit and rosy cheeks! All the tiny details are perfect with buttons and embroidered accents. The amigurumi toy works up fast, and it will add to your seasonal decor!

Pattern: Little Christmas Elf by Mari-Liis Lille

#16 Christmas Elf Amigurumi Free Pattern

Christmas Elf amigurumi doesn’t need to be complicated, and this one works up quickly. You can change the colors of the elf outfits and select the ones that look best with your decor, or if you aren’t picky, you can go with the standard red-green theme. Get inspired and mix-and-match their colors!

Pattern: Christmas Elf Amigurumi Free Pattern from Amigurumi Blogkb
Christmas Amigurumi Patterns

#17 Amigurumi Snowman Pattern

This cute and plump snowman will be the perfect gift for kids, or it can even be a fabulous part of your Christmas decor!

Pattern:  Amigurumi Snowman Pattern from Alway Free Amigurumi

#18 Crochet Skiing Gnome Charming Free Pattern

It’s winter, and gnomes are ready for an adventure this Christmas! You can place these little amigurumi Christmas toys on a shelf with some fake snow, and you’ll get a totally unique decor setup!

Pattern: Crochet Skiing Gnome Charming Free Pattern from WindingRoadCrochet
Christmas Amigurumi Patterns

#19 Crochet Santa Gnome

Bring home some holiday cheer by making Santa Gnome amigurumi toys. They are ideal and lovely gift ideas for old and young alike, or they can be a part of home decor.

Pattern: Crochet Santa Gnome from Jen Hayes

#20 Amigurumi Christmas Doll

Make this Amigurumi Christmas Doll for your little ones, as they will certainly enjoy playing with a Christmas-themed doll!

Pattern: Amigurumi Christmas Doll from Free Amigurumi Crochet

#21 The Grinch Free Crochet Pattern

Make everyone’s favorite green Christmas villain as a cute softy, and no doubt you’ll fall in love with the adorable little green monster. The pattern is worked in the flat and is quite easy to follow.

Pattern: The Grinch Free Crochet Pattern from Spin A Yarn Crochet
Christmas Amigurumi Patterns

#22 The Grinch Amigurumi

Unlike the Grinch above, this one is made in the round.

Pattern: The Grinch Amigurumi from Minasscraft

#23 Amigurumi Deer Free Crochet Pattern

Santa needs his reindeers, and with this amigurumi deer, you can choose and customize the colors of the shirt and horns!

Pattern: Amigurumi Deer Crochet Free Pattern from Amigurumi Free Patterns

#24 Amigurumi Design Christmas Reindeer Free Pattern

These cute Christmas reindeers are easy to make and work up quickly.

Pattern: Amigurumi Design Christmas Reindeer Free Pattern from Amigurumi Free Crochet
Christmas Amigurumi Patterns

#25 Amigurumi Christmas Teddy Bear

What’s more classic than a teddy bear as a Christmas gift? These cute amigurumi bears are easy to make, and in the red Christmassy outfit, they simply look adorable. Just remember, if you are gifting it to a baby or toddler, replace the plastic pieces with embroidery.

Pattern: Amigurumi Deer Crochet Free Pattern from Amigurumi Free Patterns

These are our favorite 25 Christmas amigurumi patterns! Which of these free patterns are you gonna make to decorate your home this holiday season? Share in the comments below!

You need to keep in mind that if you plan to give these soft cuties to babies, ensure that you replace the buttons with embroidery to avoid any choking hazard.

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