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25 Crochet Costumes Ideas and Free Patterns for Spook-tacular Halloween

Whip up some fun and unique crochet costumes for your little ones and your family this Halloween and go trick or treating in style!

It’s time to get ready for Halloween, and this year, why not do something different when it comes to getting Halloween costumes for your little ones? No need to frantically search for costumes at stores such as Target or Party City while worrying about stocks to last. You can be the next Stephanie Pokorny (from Crochetverse), who creates elaborate crochet Halloween costumes using yarns for her children. She just combines her love of crochet with her love for her kids and makes some awesome costumes for her four kids! According to her, some of her creations take about 40-50 hours to complete. She dedicates the month of September to this, and we are certainly inspired!

Her designs may be on another level for many of us, but there are several other free patterns for crochet Halloween costumes that you can check out. Some are simpler, while others you might find a bit more complex, or you might just go freehand, taking inspiration from Stephanie!

“Being normal is vastly overrated.” 

Aggie Cromwell, Halloweentown

For those who need a little more guidance, here’re some of the free patterns for crochet Halloween costumes for babies, kids, and adults that we like the best across the web!

#1 Crochet Halloween Black Cat Hat

The black and orange combo cat hat perfectly goes with the theme of Halloween! A little bow on the ear makes it a cute-looking hat for your kids, or you can modify the free crochet pattern and make it for yourself!

Pattern: Crochet Halloween Black Cat Hat Pattern by Crochet For You

#2 Frankenstein’s Monster Hat Free Crochet Pattern

If your little one is a fan of Frankenstein’s Monster, this is the perfect crochet Halloween costume pattern for you to try!

Pattern: Frankenstein's Monster Hat Free Crochet Pattern from With Alex

#3 I’ll Put A Spell On You – the Winifred Witch Hat Crochet Pattern

A hat inspired by the Winifred Witch from Hocus Pocus! While your kids might not know who that is, the hat speaks for itself as the perfect Halloween crochet costume. There’s a spider web, spiders, and a pretty little bow – what’s not to love in this free pattern for Halloween?

Pattern: I’ll Put A Spell On You – the Winifred Witch Hat Crochet Pattern from Divine Debris

#4 Zombie Hat

An exquisitely detailed zombie hat with a hanging eyeball, exposed brain, and some pointy teeth. This free crochet Halloween costume pattern is perfect for all zombie-lovers and a night out trick ‘n’ treating!

Pattern: Zombie Hat from Lovable Loops

#5 Red Heart Witchy Cat Hat

Top off your kid’s witchy costume with this playful hat that brings together two of the favorite Halloween characters – a black cat and a witchy witch! The cat eyes, ears, and nose are embellished on the hat, and you can choose whether you want to make them or not.

Pattern: Red Heart Witchy Cat Hat from Yarnspirations

#6 Crochet Mandrake Baby Hat

If you are looking for a cute and adorable Halloween costume for your little one, this crochet Mandrake Baby hat is just what you need. And if you are a Potterhead, this will be perfect!

Pattern: Crochet Mandrake Baby Hat – Free Crochet Pattern from Whistle and Ivy

#7 Ninja Turtle Child’s Beanie with Mask

If your little one is a Ninja Turtle fan, you can make this crochet beanie with a mask so your kids can enjoy the Halloween fun ninja-style!

Pattern: Ninja Turtle Child’s Beanie with Mask from Heart Hook Home

#8 Littlest Monster Crochet Baby Hat

Littlest Monster Crochet Baby Hat takes inspiration from Monster Inc. with cute detailing making it perfect for baby’s first Halloween!

Pattern: Littlest Monster Crochet Baby Hat from Whistle and Ivy

#9 Oma’s Curler Hat Crochet Pattern

A super silly, super fun, and super simple hat pattern with curlers!

Pattern: Oma's Curler Hat Crochet Pattern from Posh Pooch Designs

#10 Papa Smurf Onesie Costume

Make this Papa Smurf costume using Stephanie’s free pattern and customizations from Crochetverse. The best part is that you can customize this pattern for anyone, whether a child or an adult!

Pattern: Papa Smurf Onesie Costume from Crochetverse

#11 Nurse Costume

A crochet Halloween costume with all the little accessories such as bandages, blood pressure cuff, and more will make your kids happy!

Pattern: Nurse Costume from Rilla2u

#12 Butterfly Costume Set Pattern

Make this fun, whimsical crochet Halloween costume for your little girl with a matching hat, wings, and tutu skirt.

Pattern: Butterfly Costume Set Pattern from MJs

#13 Red Heart Medieval Prince

This easy-to-fit and easy-to-customize crochet Halloween costume is the way to go for your little hero who wants to be a dragon-slaying prince!

Pattern: Red Heart Medieval Prince from Yarnspirations

#14 Red Heart It’s A Hoot Owl Hat & Cape

Your kids will want to hoot like an owl wearing this crochet owl costume with a cape and a hat. Both are easy to crochet, and kids will just want to wear them all year round!

Pattern: Red Heart It's A Hoot Owl Hat & Cape from Yarnspirations
crochet halloween costumes

#15 Red Heart Young Vampire Cape

With this crochet vampire cape, your little one will charm all the candy into their bag while trick ‘n’ treating!

Pattern: Red Heart Young Vampire Cape from Yarnspirations

#16 Baby Butterfly Costume

It’s a simple pattern that will make your baby a little butterfly! You can choose any colors to make the crochet butterfly and even make the spots from multicolored yarn.

Pattern: Baby Butterfly Costume from Love Life Yarn

#17 Baby Witch Costume

This roundup cannot be complete without a baby witch costume! The free pattern is simple and easy enough to follow for beginners. You can go with the classic colors or choose your baby’s favorite colors.

Pattern:  Baby Witch Costume from Lovable Loops

#18 Crochet Gingerbread Girl Dress

Although not Halloween-y, this one crochet costume is all for looking forward to fun-filled holidays with warm gingerbread cookies!

Pattern: Crochet Gingerbread Girl Dress from Repeat Crafter Me

#19 The Mighty Jungle

For the king of the jungle!

Pattern: The Mighty Jungle Hat from Stitch11
crochet halloween costumes

#20 Wonder Woman Crochet Outfit

Let your little girl embrace her inner superhero with this simple and quick Wonder Woman crochet Halloween costume!

Pattern: Wonder Woman Crochet Outfit from Ariana Hall

#21 My Lil’ Pumpkin Pie Newborn Sleep Set

This yarn stash buster project is just what you need for your newborn’s first Halloween!

Pattern: My Lil’ Pumpkin Pie Newborn Sleep Set from Itching For Some Stitchin

#22 Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa

Dress up with your partner as Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! You can give the Golden Ticket to someone or keep it for yourself and have all the fun!

Pattern: Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompa from Yarnutopia
crochet halloween costumes

#23 Candy Corn Witch Hat Crochet Pattern

Combining two Halloween themes, this Candy Corn Witch Hat is a simple and quick crochet project that you’ll be able to whip up in no time!

Pattern: Candy Corn Witch Hat Crochet Pattern from Crafty Kitty Crochet

#24 Princess Costume

You can customize this free crochet pattern for Princess Costume with different colors to make it resemble your favorite princess costume. You can choose a blue top with a yellow skirt, a completely pink dress, or anything your heart desires. Customize it and bring this costume to life this Halloween!

Pattern: Princess Costume from Yarnutopia

#25 Crochet Cupcake Halloween Costume

A super quick project where you can be a cupcake for this Halloween!

Pattern: Crochet Cupcake Halloween Costume from Repeat Crafter Me
crochet halloween costumes

These are our favorite 25 Crochet Halloween Costume patterns! Which of these free patterns are you gonna try for your little one? Share in the comments below!

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