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Free Knit and Crochet Pumpkin Patterns – Give ’em Pumpkin To Talk About!

Here’s a collection of free knit and crochet pumpkin patterns so you don’t have to wait for your ‘Great Pumpkin,’ and you can have your pick of the patch!

The Fall season has one undisputed icon – the Great Pumpkin! It’s time to pick or, in our cases, make our own pumpkins so that they are ready for you to decorate with ’em in November. Pumpkin is not only perfect for autumn, it’s also an integral part of Thanksgiving and Halloween. Just a little (or not so little) fruit that makes this time of the year so festive!

Become a Hallow-Queen or Pun-King this Fall season!

A knit or crochet pumpkin is just so quintessential autumn decor for a yarn hobbyist. So, get ready to make your own pumpkin patch with these free knit and crochet pumpkin patterns and enjoy the glorious texture and colors of the Fall!

Crochet Pumpkin Patterns

Decorate for Fall by making your own pumpkins using a simple hook and yarn! These crochet patterns are simple and you’ll be able to whip up several of these beauties in no time.

#1 Tunisian Crochet Pumpkin

A crochet pumpkin pattern that’s full of texture and easy to make. If you are looking to make something that looks knit, this pattern will certainly be ideal. The Tunisian stitches almost look like they are knit!

Pattern: Tunisian Crochet Pumpkin from One Dog Woof

#2 Little Rustic Pumpkin

This is another free crochet pattern where the pumpkin looks like a knitted one made with Garter Stitch Twisted Rib Pattern. The pattern for Little Rustic Pumpkin is simple and easy to follow.

Pattern: Little Rustic Pumpkin from Yarn and Chai

#3 Easy Ribbed Crocheted Pumpkin

A ribbed crochet pumpkin that is made in rows instead of the usual going in the rounds. You make a simple rectangle and then bring it together to make the pumpkin shape. It’s certainly different in its construction.

Pattern: Easy Ribbed Crocheted Pumpkin from 5 Little Monsters

#4 Crochet Country Pumpkins

These tabletop pumpkins will liven up your dining table and get in the seasonal spirit where it’s all about pumpkin spice and everything nice!

Pattern: Crochet Country Pumpkins from Sewrella

#5 Pumpkin Amigurumi

These little cuties are certainly different from others in the compilation. The tiny amigurumi pumpkins are the cutest in the patch and is super-easy to make.

Pattern: Pumpkin Amigurumi from Stringy Dingding

#6 Doily Pumpkin

This is a different sort of crochet pumpkin that we love. As the name suggests, it’s a very doily-like delicate-looking pumpkin that you can give different colors by choosing the colors of the inside filling.

Pattern: Doily Pumpkin from Kits-Crafts

#7 Medium Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Make as many of these crochet pumpkins as you want and spread ’em around your house to get in the spirit of the Fall this season.

Pattern: Medium Crochet Pumpkin Pattern from Crochet 365 Knit Too

#8 Red Heart Spicy Crochet Pumpkins

Display these uniquely patterned crochet pumpkins everywhere in your home as a part of your Thanksgiving or Halloween decor and stand out from the rest! The free crochet pattern is simple and easy to follow even for beginners, even though they might look complicated.

Pattern: Red Heart Spicy Crochet Pumpkin from Yarnspirations

#9 Easiest Large Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

This crochet pumpkin is crocheted flat and then sewn together to give it a proper shape. It’s a quick project that uses simple crochet stitches and is certainly beginner-friendly.

Pattern: Easiest Large Pumpkin Crochet Pattern from Gina Michele

#10 Autumn Pumpkin Pattern

Fill your home with these cute pumpkins. What’s special about this crochet pattern is that you can replicate the same pattern to make bigger pumpkins by simply changing the size of the hook and yarn weight.

Pattern: Autumn Pumpkin Pattern from Bella Coco Crochet

Knit Pumpkin Patterns

If you’re a knitter, you’ll like this little roundup of free patterns for knit pumpkins. Some of them are simpler than others, while others are a little more complex.

#1 Chunky Pumpkin Free Knitting Pattern

This prettiest fall decor can be knitted with basic knits and purls. And as the pattern is simple, you can make multiple pumpkins so that your pumpkin is solo no more and is huddled with more!

Pattern: Chunky Pumpkin Free Knitting Pattern from Mama In A Stitch

#2 Knit Pumpkins

There are two basic knitting patterns where one pumpkin is made with stockinette stitches while the other is a simple garter stitch pumpkin. You can choose the size of the pumpkin by changing the number of knit rows, as it works up quickly with a bulky weight yarn.

Pattern: Knit Pumpkins from DeBrosse

#3 Pumpkin Knitting Pattern

This simple beginner-friendly pumpkin is knitted in rows, and you’ll be able to make several of ’em in just a few hours.

Pattern: Pumpkin Knitting Pattern from Handy Little Me

#4 Small Knit Decorative Pumpkins

These seasons’ symbolic knit pumpkins are the perfect decor items for your home. The best part about this pattern is that there is no weaving in ends so no pesky yarns to tackle at the end of the project.

Pattern: Small Knit Decorative Pumpkins from Yarn Punk

#5 Knit Pumpkin Pattern With Cables

This is a free knitting pattern for knit pumpkins with a twist – there are cables across the pumpkin body that make it look unique and different from the rest of the usual patch.

Pattern: Knit Pumpkin Pattern from Julie Measures

#6 Red Heart Spicy Knit Pumpkins

These chevron pumpkins can garnish your dining table or mantle or be a part of a Fall project such as a wreath. The free knitting pattern for the chevron knit pumpkins is simple and easy to make.

Pattern: Red Heart Spicy Knit Pumpkins from Yarnspirations

#7 Large Pumpkin Knitting Pattern

This knitting pattern is ideal for beginners; you can knit the pumpkins with a straight needle or a circular needle. These knit pumpkins are quick and fun to make, and you can decorate your front yard with a pumpkin patch made using these handmade pumpkins.

Pattern: Large Pumpkin Knitting Pattern from Gina Michele

#8 Knitted Pumpkin Pattern

This knit pumpkin pattern is one of the most difficult and complex projects in this pumpkin pattern roundup. But the detailing is simply exquisite, and it looks like a real pumpkin patch with leaves, tendrils, and stems. You need to be familiar with knitting in the round with multiple double-pointed needles.

Pattern: Knitted Pumpkin Pattern from Nimble Needles

#9 Velvet Pumpkin Knitting Pattern

This festive knit pumpkin will brighten up your Fall decor. You can knit this in different sizes, and you can even use a variety of yarns to give them a unique look. It’s a quick knitting project that’s simple and easy to make. These pumpkins make the softest plushies if you knit them with velvet yarn!

Pattern: Velvet Pumpkin Knitting Pattern from Studio Knit SF

#10 The Wrong Side Knit Pumpkin

This uniquely shaped pumpkin is actually an accidental pattern from the designer. But, irrespective of that, this pattern is simple and beginner-friendly. And, in case you don’t like the shape, you can change it by changing the row count or using less stuffing.

Pattern: The Wrong Side Knit Pumpkin from Angie and Britt

These are our 20 favorite knit and crochet pumpkin patterns! Which of these crochet or knit pumpkins is gonna decorate your house this year? Or, are you planning to try them all? Do let us know in the comments below!

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