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12 Free Crochet Patterns to Celebrate the Festival of Lights – Diwali

Hook some exciting and bright decorations for your home on the occasion of Diwali, the Indian festival of lights using these free crochet patterns!

Diwali or Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights, is a celebration of light, knowledge, and goodness. It’s an Indian festival that’s celebrated even by the non-Hindu communities across the world. The festival gets its name from a combination of two Sanskrit words – deepa and avali – which means row (avali) of clay lamps (deepa). Indians light up these diyas or deepas outside their homes to protect them from the darkness. There are multiple thoughts behind the festival, but the essence is the same across all the regions – the victory of good over evil.

Diwali celebration traditions are quite diverse as there are different stories behind the festival. Despite the diversity, there are some common elements – the lighting of diyas, bursting of firecrackers, decorating home in bright colors, gathering of families, and relishing tasty food.

Here is a collection of the brightest Diwali decoration ideas that you can work on with your yarn skills. You can make these to decorate and lighten up your home or gift them to your friends and loved ones.

Light Up Your Home

A Diwali celebration is incomplete without the diyas, candles, and tea lights. So, grab your collection of tea lights and make these cute, bright, and gorgeous tealight decorations and cozies! We suggest you work with the battery-powered ones to be safe.

#1 Diwali Tea Light Diya

Celebrate the victory of good over evil and light over darkness with this brightly colored tea light diya cozy. Although it’s not a traditional diya, it’s the thought that counts!

#2 Free Crochet Pattern Tealight Lotus

The Tealight Lotus will be the best accent for your home for Diwali, and it’s a simple pattern that will brighten up your home.

#3 Rainbow Tealight Holders

These lovely tealights can be made in a whole lot of colors. The free crochet pattern for Diwali is super simple and uses only the basic single crochet stitch. You can use these cozies and make the regular tealights special and unique for celebrating Diwali!

Pattern: Rainbow Tealight Holders from Ravelry
Diwali crochet patterns

#4 Crochet Pattern Lantern

Crochet a lantern that you can hang on the patio or even your living room! The possibilities are endless with this colorful crochet lantern.

Pattern: Crochet Pattern Lantern from YarnPlaza
Diwali crochet patterns

#5 My Blooming Lantern – Crochet Pattern

Blooming flowers inspire these free crochet patterns for Diwali, and you can place this anywhere in your home for Diwali! It’s a flower-inspired pattern that will complement your decor, and with a light inside, it will look quite graceful.

Pattern: My Blooming Lantern – Crochet Pattern from Clover

Magnificent Mandalas

Get busy making some gorgeous mandalas as they are the perfect and vibrant accessory for home decoration on the occasion of Diwali. These mandalas have a symbolic meaning in Hindu and Buddhist culture, and the intricate circular patterns represent the universe. Just grab the most colorful yarn from your stash, and you’re good to go! Why not make a bunch of them and spread them around your house? They will brighten up your living space! You can even choose to string them up together to make a decorative garland.

#6 Happy Days Mandala 

It is an easy crochet pattern that will certainly bring you calm as you work on it. The bright colors and intricate design are perfect and will complement all kinds of home interiors. The best part, it’s a project that’s not limited to Diwali decoration, as these mandalas can be a part of your home decor.

Pattern: Happy Days Mandala from Love Crafts

#7 Brighter Daze Mandala 

This vibrant mandala will bring brightness and color to your home this Diwali. It’s also a great stash buster project where you can make several of these in any color combination you want and stash them all around the house!

Pattern: Brighter Daze Mandala from Love Crafts

Brilliantly Bright Home Decor

Bright lights and fireworks are not just for the outdoors! Bring a touch of brightness and vibrancy into your home with these home decor projects. All these free crochet patterns for Diwali will look perfect in a bright color palette, so don’t be shy when it comes to choosing the shades!

#8 Crochet Ornament

This crochet project is like a mix of mandala and home decor accents. You can either place it as a doily or hang it on the wall with blings.

Pattern: Crochet Ornament from The Lazy Hobby Hopper
Diwali crochet patterns

#9 Diya Applique

It’s a quick and easy diya applique for the festival of lights. You can use it as an applique for greeting cards, make a bunting out of these, or even use them as a wall hanging.

Diwali crochet patterns
Pattern: Diya Applique from Ravelry

#10 Crochet Light Garland

Diwali is right around the corner, and this easy crochet garland of lights is the perfect decoration! You can even use these ornaments bunting for Christmas. The free crochet pattern for Diwali is simple and you can make quite a few of them quickly.

Pattern: Crochet Light Garland from Crochet ki Duniya

#11 Pretty Lantern Free Crochet Pattern

It’s a cool decoration that you can put around the house with a small bulb inside. It’s not just a Diwali decoration, as you can decorate your house with these boho lanterns for any other occasion.

Pattern: Pretty Lantern Free Crochet Pattern from Crochetverse

#12 Crochet Diwali Toran

If you are looking for a more traditional home decor that you will find in almost every home during Diwali, then this is the perfect free crochet pattern to try on Diwali. There are multiple small elements, but when it comes together, it is certainly a beauty.

Diwali crochet patterns 
Pattern: Crochet Diwali Toran from Crochet & Macrame Art - Reshma Sakpal

These are our favorite 12 Crochet Diwali patterns! Which of these free patterns are you gonna try for this Diwali? Share in the comments below!

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