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Crochet Face Scrubbie – Free Crochet Pattern

Your skin will definitely thank you if you wash your face every night before bed. A daily face wash can open your pores, clearing them of dirt, oil, and bacteria that can lead to acne. You will love how soft the skin feels after washing or using a face scrubbie for cleaning!

Normally you use a swab of cotton and wipe away all the grime. And after using it, you just throw it away. What if you could use something more eco-friendly and reusable?

Well, we are giving you a super simple way to make reusable & washable crocheted face scrubbies yourself.

crochet face scrubbie pattern

It’s a simple pattern, so you can easily make these & help the environment by replacing the disposable cotton pads that you might be using otherwise for washing your face or removing your make-up before bed.

The crochet face scrubbie is super quick to make!

And if you have any leftover scrap yarn from your other projects, you can use it to make the crochet face scrubbie!

They make a great eco-friendly gift, too for the eco-fan in your life!

Size of Finished Crochet Face Scrubbie

The finished Crochet Face Scrubbie measures 3″ (or 8 cm) in base diameter.


  • 5.0 mm (H / 8) crochet hook from Boye
  • Any medium-weight worsted cotton yarn in the color of your choice. It is preferable to use cotton yarn as it will be soft on your skin, and of course, it’s good for the environment! Lily Sugar n Cream is a good choice and has a vast variety of colors to suit your taste.
  • Tapestry needle to weave in the ends
  • Scissors


8 sts = 2.5″ (or 6.5 cm) in double crochet

Pattern Notes

  • The face scrubbie is crocheted in the round. 
  • Starting ch 1 does not count as a stitch.
  • In the puff st rounds, the sl st to join is always made in the ch on top of the first puff st in that round, and not the ch sp before that.

Here’s showing you what not to do to get that perfect look of the first round. Notice how an extra ch sp gets added to the work if you sl st into the very first ch sp (refer to the image below).

Stitch Abbreviations

This pattern is written in US terms, and you can check out the standard crochet abbreviations on our blog.

Special Stitch: puff st – yarn over, insert hook into the stitch where you want to make your puff stitch, and pull up a loop. Do this 4 more times. You should have 11 loops on the hook. Yarn over and pull through all the loops on the hook at once. This makes a puff stitch. Close your puff stitch by making ch 1 in the end. It is the essential part of making a puff stitch.


Row 1: Start with a magic ring, ch 1, make 7 puff st into the ring, sl st into the ch on top of the first puff st. Pull & close the magic ring tightly. (7 puff st)  

Note: For 7 puff stitches, you would actually see 14 chains after completing the first row. Don’t get confused by that. The extra set of chains is coming from the ch that we make to close a puff st.

Row 2: ch 1, * 2 puff st in the ch on top of the puff st from the prev row, sk 1 ch; rep from * to last st, sl st into the ch on top of the first puff st. (14 st)

Row 3: ch 1, * hdc in next 6 sts, 2 hdc in next st; rep from * to last st, sl st into the first hdc. (32 st)

Bind off and weave in the ends.

aabhar creations crochet face scrubbie pattern

So dig out your leftover yarn, get creative with your colors, & make some crochet face scrubbies!

We love seeing your finished projects! Share your completed crochet face scrubbies that you make using this free pattern on Instagram, and be sure to tag us @aabharcreations or #aabharcreations. Or, if you’re on Facebook, visit our page, AabharCreations, and share a pic. We would absolutely love to see your work!

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free crochet pattern face scrubbie aabharcreations

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