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Christmas in July! Free Crochet Patterns For All You Need For Christmas

Are you looking for Christmas crochet pattern ideas? Want to kickstart your Christmas crochet early in July? Look no further than this collection of free crochet patterns for Christmas in July!

Christmas in July isn’t something new. It has almost become a tradition that motivates us not to leave all our projects until the last minute, like always! We all have a little more time in our hands, allowing us to plan ahead for a busy time in the year.

With just 5.5 months until the glorious Christmas morning, it’s high time you get a head start on making those gifts and decorations for everyone on your list!

So, think about what you want to crochet for Christmas this year, whether it is home decor or gifts! There are so many options! Here are some of the suggestions from our side to get you started.


Start your Christmas in July projects with something small to get in the flow! Begin with a project you can carry everywhere in hot, sweltering summer. These projects will work up quickly, and you can even get your kids to help you if there are any embellishments like buttons and such. It can become a fun, family project! These tiny ornaments are perfect as a hostess gift, too, so you can make a whole lot of them.

#1 Santa’s Sleigh Ornament Crochet Pattern

This festive holiday Santa’s Sleigh Ornament will surely brighten up your tree! It’s a unique pattern that creates a 3D model of Santa’s sleigh as a Christmas ornament. You can even involve your kids in making tiny rails and have fun.

Santa’s Sleigh Ornament Crochet Pattern

#2 Poinsettia Lace Ornament

A super simple but very different Christmas ornament that works up quickly.

#3 Christmas Traditions Ornaments

Look at how cute all of these are! We couldn’t just choose one as the whole set from Sewrella is like a perfect collection representing all the Christmas traditions! There’s a gingerbread house, Grinch, Santa’s trusty reindeer, music, and more! The crochet patterns are simple and easy to follow, so you can make as many of them as you want to decorate your Christmas tree.

#4 Olaf

Work in the round to crochet this cute little Olaf ornament for your Christmas tree. If you know someone who is a Frozen fan, this will be perfect for them, whether kids or adults. The pattern instructions are easy to follow.


Preparation for Christmas will be incomplete with the Christmas stockings! Customize these free crochet Christmas stockings by adding names using cross-stick or even with an embellishment. There is a lot of variety in Christmas stocking designs; you can go with a classic or make them fancy.

#5 Victorian Christmas Stocking

Christmas stockings inspired by the Victorian era are undoubtedly unique and beautiful. You can customize them by using different flowers for the family.

#6 Reindeer Stocking

Another Christmas stocking with a cute reindeer motif on the side! The free crochet pattern for the Reindeer Christmas stocking is easy and straightforward to make with Crochet Along.

#6 Reindeer Stocking


#7 Red Heart Crochet Tree Skirt

Decorate your Christmas tree with this poinsettia Crochet Tree Skirt. The flowers are really pretty, with bright green leaves that will complement the rest of your decor. It is an intermediate-level crochet pattern. You can add more embellishments like beads in the flowers to make it fancy.

#7 Red Heart Crochet Tree Skirt

#8 Crochet Holly Jolly Christmas Tree Skirt

Crochet Holly Jolly Christmas Tree Skirt is one project you really need to start early so that you have it ready by the time Christmas comes. The pattern is simple and works quickly with simple crochet stitches.


#9 Holly Jolly Christmas Pillow

A perfect accent pillow for your sofa or bed! It will certainly add color to your home with berry bunches on a stark white background. You can customize and add more berry bunches to the pillow!

#10 Buffalo Plaid Crochet Pillow Cover

A pillow cover cannot get more Christmas-y than combining a reindeer and buffalo plaid! You can make it like a tapestry crochet project or the usual way if you are unfamiliar with the technique.

#11 Santa Pillow Sham

A simple pillow will brighten your home and work up super quickly with chunky yarn. Santa Pillow Sham is simple; even a beginner can finish this festive and fun project.

#12 Bernat Snowflake Pillow

The Snowflake Pillow is perfect for bringing the festive spirit to your home. Crocheted in Bernat Blanket yarn, it brings warmth and color to your holiday season.


#13 Red Heart Digital Snowflake C2C Crochet Blanket

This quilt-style crochet throw with an oversized snowflake motif screams Christmas and holidays. This is a perfect project for Christmas in July with a bright palette from Red Heart Super Saver. The best part, it uses the popular corner-to-corner (C2C) technique. This blanket will indeed become a family heirloom with a Christmassy theme!

#14 Crochet Christmas Granny Square Blanket

Make this festive Christmas Granny Afghan with granny squares and Christmas-themed appliques. Although the making of granny squares is simple, the rest of it does take some skill and patience.

#15 Red Heart Dusty Snowflake Throw

Make this veritable winter wonderland with snowflakes all over! It will naturally fit in with your current or festive home decor. You can use yarn colors as shown in the free crochet pattern or choose a different blend of shades.

#16 Crochet Christmas Character Afghan

Fun crochet-along (CAL) project that’s very Christmassy and festive! This crochet blanket will undoubtedly be children’s favorite with favorite Christmas-themed designs ranging from Santa to gingerbread man.


#17 Crochet Moose and Crochet Reindeer

Crochet Moose and Reindeer are cute amigurumi projects that will sit prettily on your shelf for Christmas. The neutral colors of the moose and the vibrance of reindeer are just what you need to get ready to decorate your home for the holidays.

#18 Red Heart Crocheting Snowman

These tiny, adorable snowmen are the best way to show off your love of crochet! Choose any colors for their hats and scarves – go with gentle tones or make them festive! This intermediate crochet pattern will certainly bring these little men to life.

#19 Alberelli Christmas Decoration

Crochet these smiling amigurumi Christmas trees for decoration in a few hours! You can choose the colors you want and even make a few for your friends as Christmas gifts. Did you notice that you can hang the trees individually as a Christmas ornaments on your Christmas tree?

#20 Crochet Christmas Wreath

A collection of Christmas in July free crochet patterns cannot be complete without adding at least one wreath! This version of Christmas comes with a jolly Santa sitting on the wreath. The project requires some skill as several different elements come together to make a wreath.


Nothing says the Christmas season more than a crochet nativity set. It adds a lot of love and warmth to your holiday decorating. Or, you can plan for it just so your children can touch and play, bringing more meaning to the season. No matter the reason, a crochet nativity set is a perfect project for an early start in July for Christmas.

#21 Crocheted Nativity Set

The nativity set comes with the cutest little donkey and sheep. And, of course, there’s Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and two shepherds to complete this setup. You can add as many more figures as you want to make the scene bigger.

#22 Red Heart Nativity Set

An intermediate crochet pattern of a Christmas nativity set with Joseph, Shephard, kneeling Mary, Baby Jesus, and two lambs, small and large.


#23 Crochet Snowman Wine Cozy

A cute yet modern and classy wine cozy looks great on the Christmas dinner table or as a gift to your friends, family, and even boss(!) with their favorite wine.

#24 Retro Christmas Tree Towel

This Retro Christmas Tree Towel is certainly one crochet kitchen hand towel that you won’t mind using! The free crochet pattern is simple and uses basic granny stitches to give the towel a retro vibe.

#25 Red Heart Holly Table Runner

The free pattern for this Red Heart Holly Table Runner takes some skill. Use sparkly yarn and embellish holly leaves and juicy berries to make your table warm and festive. Not just for your table, it is also a thoughtful gift for friends enjoying their first Christmas at home.

#26 Christmas Character Coasters

Who doesn’t love some cute coasters? Everyone will get a kick out of placing their drinks on these cute little critters while enjoying their meals. Just look at them – so cute!


#27 Crochet Elf Hat Pattern For The Entire Family

These fun elf hats are perfect for the whole family, especially if you are bored with the classic Santa hat options. These cute beginner-friendly hats will bring back the holiday cheer while making all your family look adorable! And, you will certainly match with each other!

#28 Nordic Crochet Super Scarf Free Pattern

This Nordic Super Scarf will keep you warm when the winter chill descends during Christmas. Using C2C techniques, the scarf works up quickly, but only if you are familiar with it. If you are totally newbie to C2C crochet, you can learn using resources online while there’s still time! Another benefit of starting Christmas projects in July!

#29 Jolly Fun Socks Free Crochet Pattern

Everyone looks forward to a special pair of socks for Christmas. This free crochet pattern for Jolly Fun Socks is adorable. It’s easy to make and quite attractive. You can even make matching ones for moms and daughters or BFFs, or even sisters.

#30 Brentwood Men’s Pullover

Make this classic crochet men’s shawl-collared pullover in Christmas green and surprise your favorite man in your life on Christmas. And although it looks complicated, if you are a beginner, you’ll be able to work on this project easily!

The list of patterns for Christmas in July is just endless. But, we tried and chose our favorites from the super vast unending collection of free crochet patterns. You can start with any of these, or if you find something more interesting, you can share it with us so that we can also update our collection!

We love seeing your complete projects! If you make any Christmas in July Crochet Patterns, we’d love to see them. If you are on Facebook, check out AabharCreations and share a photo! Tag the designer on Insta, and tag us too @aabharcreations or #aabharcreations.

So, what are you planning to make this year for Christmas? What’s going to be your first project? Do share with us in the comments.

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