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15+ Free Patterns for Crochet Cat Toys

Every day is the right time to make some crochet toys for your furry feline friends! Even though August 8th is International Cat Day, and it’s the purr-fect time to make something new for your furry-four-legged best friend, you can make crochet cat toys any time! Crochet cat toys will keep your cat entertained so that they are less inclined to go about messing with your things. After all, cats can get busy with anything, be it your shoelaces, remotes, or your favorite pair of socks, you name it!

Surprise and delight your kitty cat with this collection of crochet cat toy patterns. It will make even the laziest of cats back to life! And it will find all the fun in the right places without getting into your things! From balls and stuffy toys, mice to fish, your cat will be on the prowl again.  

Along with crochet cat toys, you can also make kitty beds for your cat to lounge in using 12+ Free Crochet Patterns for Cat Beds to Make Your Feline Friend Happy!

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#1 Easy To Crochet Cat Toy

Turn a cardboard toilet paper roll into an awesome toy for your cat using your love of crochet! You can simply replace the roll when the cat chews it up. This crochet cat toy is easy to make as a beginner’s project.

Easy To Crochet Cat Toy by Dabbles & Babbles

#2 Lily Sugar’n Cream Puffy & Stuffy Cat Toys, Puffy

Tiny adorable fish toys that any kitty will love! You can make them in any color you want and spread them around in your house for your kitty to find.

 Lily Sugar'n Cream Puffy & Stuffy Cat Toys, Puffy

#3 Sushi Catnip Toy

Your cats will go wild for this delectable toy treat in the form of sushi. It’s an amigurumi crochet toy, and you can fill them up with organic catnip. The free pattern for the whole set, including the classic California Roll, Salmon, Tuna, Roe, Shrimp, and Tamago (Egg) Nigiri, is simple to follow.

#4 Big Ball Cat Toy

A simple stuffed crochet yarn ball that’s perfect for any kitty. The free crochet pattern is for making a ball of size around 3 inches.

#5 Mousie (with Catnip)

These tiny little crochet mice are super easy to make. You can use this free crochet pattern to make Mousie and stuff it with catnip or regular stuffing for your kitty cat.

#6 Cat Toy – Bouncing Rainbow Jellyfish

Hang this rainbow-colored toy for your cat to play on any doorknob in the house. Although it looks complicated, the free crochet pattern for this cat toy is straightforward to follow and only involves basic crochet stitches. You can even use an elastic yarn to make the hanging string so that that it is springy.

Pattern: Bouncing Rainbow Jellyfish from mazkwok

#7 Fish Candy

Make some cute Fish Candy for your feline friend. It’s a fun and easy pattern and a great stash buster!

Pattern: Fish Candy by Lily Razz from Ravelry

#8 Crochet Toy for Teething Kittens

For those with young kittens, this toy will surely capture their affection! In the wild, kittens naturally seek out objects to play with and chew on, especially while teething. Nevertheless, feline playfulness extends beyond age, making it equally suitable for older cats. Get ready for hours of endless entertainment and playtime!

Pattern: Fish Bone Cat Toy by Amilovesgurumi

#9 Kitty Squid

It’s a simple crocheted squid-shaped cat toy. You can fill it with catnip or make a no-catnip version. This alien-like cat toy is certainly unique in its shape and design.

Pattern: Kitty Squid by Cara Key from Ravelry

#10 Swirly Mice Toys for Cats

It’s a beginner crochet pattern, making a cute, fun cat toy. The best part about these Swirly toys is that you can whip up a new one if your cat loses any!

Pattern: Swirly Mice Toys for Cats by Julie Oparka from Ravelry

#11 Cute Catnip Cat Toys

Just as the name suggests, these are cute amigurumi toys – starfish, cow, chicken, and teddy – for your kitty. You can make catnip or no-catnip versions.

Pattern: Cute Catnip Cat Toys from CreativeCrochetWorkshop

#12 Catnip Pouch Cat Toy Crochet Pattern

This Catnip Pouch Cat Toy is perfect for relieving your cats’ anxiety and giving them a cute toy to play with and exercise. The crochet cat toy will also help them strengthen their bodies and keep your fur babies healthy.

Pattern: Catnip Pouch Cat Toy Crochet Pattern from Simply Collectible Crochet

#13 Harry – The Crochet Cat Toy Blanket

Crochet this mini blanket for your kitty cats so that they can drag it all over the house. The crochet pattern is simple, and you can add tassels and jingle bells on the edges to keep your cat entertained.

Pattern: Harry – The Crochet Cat Toy Blanket from Loopsan

#14 Colorful Kitty Cat Toy

You can make these lovely Kitty Cat Toys in many different colors and spread them throughout the house. The crochet pattern for these cat toys is simple to follow.

crochet cat toys 
Pattern: Colorful Kitty Cat Toy by DD's Crochet on Ravelry

#15 Cheeky Mice

Give your cats these lovely little mice to play with on International Cat Day when you’re not home. Your kitties will love this toy! 

Pattern: Cheeky Mice from HaakMaarRaak

#16 Amigurumi Sardines Cat Toy

This crochet cat toy is super cute, and the free pattern instructions are easy to follow. There are multiple pieces in this that your cat can play with or enjoy.

Pattern: Amigurumi Sardines Cat Toy from LionBrand
crochet cat toys

Making these crochet cat toys is the best part of making as many as you want! You can make all of them and place them in different places in your house for your cat to find. Your fur babies are gonna love them all! You can even choose to make these crochet cat toys with or without catnip.

Why Crochet Cat Toys Instead of Regular Toys?

Crochet cat toys are handmade playthings for your feline companions made using crocheting. You can design them in any shape, size, and pattern, catering to your cat’s natural instincts and play preferences. Other than being customized, crochet cat toys have several benefits to your cat’s physical and mental well-being.

  • Texture Variation: Crocheted toys often feature a mix of textures that can stimulate a cat’s senses. The different textures of crochet cat toys can engage a cat’s paws and claws, providing tactile and sensory stimulation.
  • Interactive Play: Crochet cat toys can be designed with features like dangly strings, bells, or feathers that encourage interactive play. These encourage cats to pounce, bat, or even chase these toys, mimicking natural hunting behaviors and keeping them physically active.
  • Teething Relief: For kittens, crochet teething toys can be helpful during the teething phase. Chewing on these toys can relieve their gums and encourage healthy dental habits.
  • Exercise: Active play with crochet toys helps cats burn off excess energy, promoting a healthy weight and preventing obesity-related health issues.
  • Natural Instincts: Many crochet toys are designed to resemble small prey animals, appealing to a cat’s innate hunting instincts. Engaging with these toys allows cats to express their natural behaviors in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Safe Materials: Handmade crochet toys are often made from cat-safe materials like yarn or cotton, reducing the risk of ingestion or harm that might occur with some commercial toys.
  • Customization: Being handmade, crochet toys can be customized to cater to a cat’s unique preferences. Whether it’s a particular texture, size, or design, these toys can be tailored to suit individual cats.

Tips or Recommendations for Selecting The Right Yarn for Crochet Cat Toys

  • Safety First: Choose safe materials for cats to play with and potentially chew on. Avoid yarns with small parts that can be easily chewed off or ingested. Natural fibers like cotton or acrylic yarns are generally safer options.
  • Non-Toxic: Ensure that the yarn and any additional materials (such as buttons or beads for decoration) are non-toxic and won’t harm your cat if ingested.
  • Avoid Fuzzy Yarns: Yarns with long, fuzzy fibers can shed and be ingested by cats, which could lead to digestive issues or blockages. Opt for smoother yarns to prevent this.
  • Durability: Cats can be rough with toys, so choose a durable yarn that can withstand tugging and clawing. Reinforce any seams or attachments to make the toys sturdier.
  • Washability: Cats can drool on, lick, or even carry their toys around in their mouths. Select yarn that can be easily washed to keep the toys clean and hygienic.
  • Texture: Cats are attracted to different textures. Consider using a variety of yarn textures to make the toy more engaging. Ribbed, bumpy, or nubby textures can add interest and stimulate their senses.
  • Colorfastness: Some yarns may bleed or fade when wet. Make sure the yarn you choose is colorfast so it won’t stain your cat or your furniture if it gets wet.
  • Filling Material: If you’re stuffing the toy, use safe and non-toxic filling materials. Polyester fiberfill is a common choice, but ensure it’s tightly packed and won’t come out easily.
  • Avoid Loose Threads: Cats can get their claws caught in loose threads, potentially leading to injuries. Ensure all ends are securely woven in and any loose threads are trimmed.

Which one’s the first crochet cat toy you’re gonna make for your cat on International Cat Day? Share in the comments below! And Save This Pin so you can always access great ideas for crochet cat toys!

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