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12+ Free Crochet Patterns for Cat Beds to Make Your Feline Friend Happy!

It’s time to combine your love of crochet with your love of cats and make some of these absolutely fabulous crochet cat beds. Give your favorite feline friend a comfortable piece to rest by using these simple crochet cat bed free patterns to make a wonderfully soft cushion!

There are many different things you can make using crochet to shower your love and affection on your best four-legged friends, like crochet toys, sweaters, bandanas, and cat beds. 

A cat bed is one of the first things your cat needs so that it can find a cozy place to rest and relax. Many DIY projects to make cat beds and houses at home using wood scraps and other materials. But crochet offers an excellent option to make some awesome cat beds at home without getting stuck using complicated tools and instructions. And the best part, you can easily move the cat bed to any location in your home without huffing and puffing! Cat beds are also known as cat caves or cat cocoons. 

These cat beds are also great gift options if your friends have a cat! By making one of these for their kitty, you might even become their favorite person in the world!!

So, to help you with making a cozy crochet cat bed for your kitty friend, we have curated 12+ free crochet cat bed patterns. All the designs are cute and comfy and will make for a super comfortable, relaxing space for your cat to sleep and lounge! 

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#1 Curl Up Kitty Cat Bed

This fun and attractive bed is perfect for any kitty. You can play around with different colors to come up with a combination that your kitty is sure to like.

Curl Up Kitty Cat Bed

#2 Small Pet Bed

Made with Bernat Softee Chunkee Yarn, this bed is super soft and durable. It works up very quickly, and the pattern is customizable for different sizes, so you can make it in a size that fits perfectly for your cat. I’m sure if you make it for one of your kitties, others are gonna want the same!

Small Pet Bed

#3 Crochet Cat House

This is a cute and cozy cat house pattern for a cat who loves to snuggle. It is a slouchy cave-like house that is quite versatile, as it can be crawled in, laid down on top of, or even used to play in. To make the crochet cat house using this pattern, you only need to know the most basic stitch of crochet – single crochet. Just sit back, crochet, and relax in an afternoon, and you’ll be able to complete it in no time!

Crochet Cat House

#4 Cat Nap Nest

Select any color Bernat Mega Bulky Yarn, and you can make this crochet nap nest for your kitty. The crochet cat bed is cozy and comfortable, making your kitty want to laze around in it even more than usual!

Cat Nap Nest

#5 Cat Bed

This Cat Bed Free Crochet Pattern is an absolute must-have for anybody with a feline family member. If you have a bigger cat or multiple kitties that like to snuggle, it is entirely customizable and can easily be adjusted to fit any pet.

Crochet Cat Bed

#6 Crochet Cat Bed

It’s like a proper cocoon home for your kitty cat. Make the cat bed using the pattern and then you just need some cardboard and glue to make it stand tall and sturdy.

Crochet Cat Bed from Joann

#7 Padded Rim Cat Nap Bed

This pattern is made of fundamental crochet stitches and so it is quick to make. Choose a plush yarn to make a super soft and cozy bed for your kitty. The pillow-like rim around the bed helps them rest their head too.

#8 Kitty Bed

Made with two strands of yarn, this bed is very sturdy, and the pillow-like rim all around gives your cat friend the ability to rest their head while napping.

#9 Hand Crochet Cat Bed

Make an award-winning Cat Bed from using Ohhio Braid, and the best part – you don’t even need a crochet hook!

#10 Crochet Cat Bed

This pet bed is made with bulky yarn, which means it works up quickly. This easy crochet pet bed pattern gives your cat a comfortable place to rest.

#11 One Skein Pet Bed

Just as the name suggests, this cat bed just needs 1 skein of yarn, and the pattern is super simple to follow! You can make a single layer of the square mat, or you can covert it into a double-thick pet bed for your furry feline friend!

One Skein Pet Bed

#12 Crochet Cat Sack Hideaway

If your kitty loves to hide away, this little crochet cat sack nest is the perfect crochet pattern! This Cat Sack free crochet cat bed pattern has a mouth that remains open so that your kitty can come and go as it wants without collapsing.

Crochet Cat Sack Hideaway

#13 Kitten Ears Crochet Pet Bed

Make a kitten ears pet bed for your kitty cat! If you follow the pattern using the Bernat Blanket Pet yarn, the cat bed will have an overall reduced pet odor. It’s because of the uniqueness of the yarn and you can even use the same yarn for your other pet projects!

Kitten Ears Crochet Pet Bed

#14 Sturdy Cat Bed

If you’re looking for a sturdy cat bed, then here is a perfect pattern for it by Lauren Elizabeth. This bed won’t be slouchy and includes strong walls, and will be super comfy for your cat friend to nap.

Sturdy Cat Bed

#15 Super Bulky Crocheted Cat Bed

Your kitties will love this Super Bulky Crocheted Cat Bed made with cozy jersey knit fabric. This cat bed stretches and changes shape with the cat allowing them to curl up in any way.

Super Bulky Crocheted Cat Bed

#16 The Big Little Pet Bed

A Big Little Pet Bed to make your kitty feel like a king or queen of the world! It is a round cat bed made from jumbo yarn making it super soft and comfortable for your little companion. The pattern is simple to follow for the crochet cat bed, and it works up pretty quickly.

You know the best part about making a crochet cat bed for your cat – you can make multiple ones and place them in different locations in your home! This way, you don’t have to move the bed around from room to room if needed! And these free patterns for crochet cat beds will certainly help you in this exciting DIY endeavor!

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Which one’s the first crochet cat bed you’re gonna make for your kitty cat? Share in the comments below! And Save This Pin, so you always have access to great ideas for a crochet cat bed!

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