Star Wars free knitting patterns

Feel the Force with 15+ Free Star Wars Knitting Patterns

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there were hundreds of free knitting patterns inspired by Star Wars, and we chose our favorites to share with you!

Star Wars is a legend that we’re all quite familiar with! It transformed the sci-fi genre making Luke, Leia, Han Solo, and Master Yoda household names. Terms like a lightsaber, Death Star, and the Force became common. This masterpiece from George Lucas has enchanted the audience with its classic take on Good vs. Evil for more than 40 years. 

Considering the global fan following, it is expected to learn that there is a huge number of Star Wars-themed knitting patterns floating around the galaxy. Thankfully, many of them are free! 

The craze is such that now there’s even an official knitting book for creating more than 25 Star Wars knits. You can make toys, costume replicas, home decor items, and inspired apparel based on the iconic franchise. 

Star Wars is one of the most popular cultural franchises in the world. As we get ready to celebrate May the Fourth, the unofficial Star Wars holiday, the day all our lives changed, here are a few knitting ideas to bring Star Wars to your home. You can create your own Star Wars merch, from knitted hats to a stuffed BB-8!

There are so many Yoda patterns that we’ll create a separate post for the Master later.

Please note that these are free patterns only. Different copyright laws prevent making movie-related things and selling them. Make sure that you research the copyright laws before selling such items. Aabhar Creations is not responsible for any trouble you may end up in if you do not follow these copyright laws.

Free Knitting Patterns – Star Wars, Episode 1: Wearables

Excited, are you? Your favorite you must decide!

#1 Empire Star Wars Beanie

Knit this hat with Stormtroopers motifs from Star Wars. It is an excellent pattern to try out the stranded knitting technique for the first time.

Pattern: Empire Star Wars Beanie by Bobbie Jo from Ravelry aabharcreations

#2 The Force Awakens Hat

A fun pattern that uses colorwork knitting technique!

Pattern: The Force Awakens Hat by Mrs. Luedeke from Ravelry

#3 R2D2 Beanie

Knit this R2D2 Beanie as a part of your Halloween costume, or just celebrate the franchise on May 4th.

Pattern: R2D2 Beanie by Carissa Browning from Ravelry Star Wars free knitting patterns aabharcreations

#4 Desert Scavenger Hat

Remember Rey’s desert outfit? This is basically a simple hat with a few attachments to give it the scavenger look. The attached scarf and goggles will make this simple wearable into something from a galaxy far, far away.

Pattern: Desert Scavenger Hat from Knits All Folks Star Wars free knitting patterns

#5 Baby Yoda Knit Hat

With this, your baby will become The Child! It’s a simple project and a quick one to complete.

Pattern: Baby Yoda Knit Hat by Shinah Chang from Ravelry

#6 R2D2 Hat

Another variation of the R2D2 hat. This one has little R2D2 motifs that are knitted using the Fair Isle technique.

Pattern: R2D2 Hat by Carolyn from Ravelry Star Wars free knitting patterns aabharcreations

#7 Pick Your Side Cowl

Do you like the Dark Side or the Light Side of the Force? Pick your favorite and let people know how you feel every time you wear this reversible cowl. This cowl is double-knit with opposite color patterning, an excellent project to try something new.

Pattern: Pick Your Side Cowl by Tricothon from Ravelry Star Wars free knitting patterns

#8 The Dark Side Mitts

Taking inspiration from Darth Vader, these knitted mitts feature Darth Vader on the top and Stormtroopers on the palm. “The Force is Strong with This One” is written along the cuffs using stranded colorwork. It’s definitely a complex project that will require all your skills!

#9 Rebel Alliance Wrist Warmers

Knit these simple gloves in a 3-row stripe pattern in colors of your choice. The pattern instructions are with DPNs (double pointed needles), but you can also use a magic loop to knit in the round.

Pattern: Rebel Alliance Wrist Warmers by Ellen B Wright from Ravelry aabharcreations

#10 Star Wars Double Knit Scarf

A double knitted scarf that brings the Light and Dark together, two sides of a beautifully designed scarf.

Pattern: Star Wars Double Knit Scarf by Jessica Goddard from Ravelry Star Wars free knitting patterns

#11 Rebel Socks

Star Wars-inspired knitted socks with Rebel Alliance emblem.

Pattern: Rebel Socks by Marie Wall from Ravelry Star Wars free knitting patterns

Free Knitting Patterns – Star Wars, Episode 2: Everything Else

Smaller in number are we, but greater in design!

#1 Death Star

Knit a 14-inch replica of the Death Star and decorate your living room on May 4th!

Pattern: Death Star by Nicole Kostelec from Ravelry aabharcreations

#2 BB-8

Make the adorable BB-8 droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens by knitting in the round.

Pattern: Knit BB-8 from Instructables

#3 Mace Windu’s Jedi Lightsaber

It’s a 17-inch lightsaber that is modeled after Mace Windu’s Lightsaber.

Pattern: Mace Windu's Jedi Lightsaber by Carolyn Joan from Ravelry aabharcreations

#4 Yoda Baby Bottle Cozy

A baby bottle cozy that is perfect for The Child! It’s a simple knitting pattern with a few accents, so it won’t be difficult to knit.

Pattern: Yoda Baby Bottle Cozy by Gabrielle T from Ravelry aabharcreations

#5 R2D2 Can Cozy

A perfect May the Fourth Be With You project that can finish up in just a few hours! You can knit it in the round with DPNs, use a magic loop, or knit flat and stitch it up. It uses double knitting and Fair Isle, but you can choose to work with either.

Pattern: R2D2 Can Cozy by Robin Smallwood from Ravelry

These are our favorite free knitting patterns inspired by the great pop culture franchise. Which of these did you like the most? Do share your thoughts in the comments below!

Your path you must decide.

Yoda, Star Wars

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