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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle on Earth Day with Free Crochet Patterns

Celebrate Earth Day by picking up your favorite hook and making these free crochet patterns for some exciting reusable projects. As there is no Planet B, we only have this one to take care of and cherish. These crochet patterns will certainly help in creating less waste and saving you some money at the same time! Besides, as a crocheter, we are always looking for some excuse to crochet. Are you the same?

Crochet these free patterns, and you will end up reducing your daily or monthly quota of things like cotton swabs, paper towels, or even Swiffer refills. You can even recycle your old t-shirt without throwing them in the bin!

We have rounded up 10 free crochet patterns that are not only about reduce, reuse, and recycle but also about things that can teach our little ones more about planet Earth.

#1 Earth Day Tote

Learn to appreciate Mother Earth by doing things differently! Make your own tote bag using this free crochet pattern so that you don’t have to buy plastic bags when you are out shopping or simply for a walk in the park.

#1 Earth Day Tote

#2 Earth Day Crochet Quiet Book

It’s a collection of 10 crocheted pages with nature-themed appliques that you can enjoy with your children on Earth Day with no electronics!

#2 Earth Day Crochet Quiet Book

#3 Dreamsicle Spa Set

This set of four patterns included in the Dreamsicle Spa Set are perfect for everyday use and easy to make! With this spa set, you can greatly reduce the number of cotton swabs you throw away and spa set accessories you keep replacing.

Dreamsicle Spa Set Featured

#4 Crochet Quick and Thick Duster Cover

This handy crochet Duster Cover will keep your house dust-free and create less daily waste. It is also a great way to use that leftover yarn from the blanket you made!

#5 Reusable Crochet Wet Mop Pad Pattern

Reduce your waste even more by replacing Swiffer pads from your shopping list! The Reusable Crochet Wet Mop Pads are not only cost-effective but are also better for the environment as you’ll create a lot less waste.

#6 Crochet Planet Earth Cuddle Buddy

Make Globie a squishy, cuddly, and soft planet Earth toy! Use it as a prop to teach everyone a little bit more about taking care of our only planet.

Crochet Planet Earth Cuddle Buddy

#7 DIY Reusable Cleaning Cloths

Crochet cleaning cloths will greatly help you reduce the number of paper towels you throw away daily! The pattern is straightforward, and you can use any cotton yarn to make these Cleaning Cloths.

#7 DIY Reusable Cleaning Cloths

#8 Recycle T-Shirt Crochet Basket

Do our planet a little favor and don’t throw away that old T-shirt! Reuse it to make this T-Shirt Crochet Basket with any leftover medium-weight yarn.

#8 Recycle T-Shirt Crochet Basket

#9 Rainbow Pocket Market Bag

Bring a little color to your shopping spree with this Rainbow Pocket Market Bag. It’s compact, foldable, and reusable, like all the bags you purchase from the stores. So, why spend money when you can crochet this bag on your own!

#10 Hexagon Market Bag

If you want a fancy-looking bag, Hexagon Market Tote is perfect. It’s sturdy, made from cotton yarn, and pretty enough to be carried when out on a stroll!

We hope that you enjoyed our collection of Earth Day free crochet patterns. So pull out all of your leftover yarns and make something that is Earth-friendly and helps to keep our planet healthy and clean.

Have you ever made a crochet project that is eco-friendly and you use it regularly? Let us know in comments. We are always looking for more ideas!

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Which amongst these is your favorite free crochet pattern for celebrating Earth Day? Share in the comments below! And Save This Pin, so you always have access to some of the best and simple free crochet patterns for celebrating our only planet!

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