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Get Hooked with These 10 Books for Beginner and Advanced Crochet

These are the 10 best crochet books that every crocheter needs – including amigurumi, granny squares, Tunisian crochet, and more!

Crocheting is an age-old skill that was passed from generation to generation without any books or videos. In today’s age, when grandmas are not always around, we have to depend on other resources to learn this fantastic skill. 

Even though online resources have easy access and are popular, physical crochet books give excellent lessons and have wonderful patterns, both for beginner and advanced crocheters.

Check out our curated list of the 10 best books for beginners to advanced crocheters.

Top 10 Books for Crochet – Beginners and Advanced

Are you ready to geek out on some of the best books that you can get your hands on?

#1 Crochet For Beginners: A Complete Step By Step Guide With Picture illustrations To Learn Crocheting The Quick & Easy Way by Nancy Gordon (2018)

The Crochet For Beginners is a complete guide to learning crocheting. The step-by-step instructions with illustrations teach the basics of crochet stitches. High-quality illustrations with each step help you understand the instructions without confusion. It explains how to read charts and buy the correct equipment needed for crocheting. The book includes 25 patterns for beginners and includes useful tips, tricks & hacks for a beginner to avoid mistakes. 

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#2 The Simple Step By Step Guide to Start Learn Crocheting and Do Beautiful Crochet Stitches in One Day by Marta Harris (2020)

Crochet terminology, crocheting tools, types of hooks, the basic stitches, easy patterns, crocheting tips and tricks, mistakes crocheters make and solutions, yarn and a crochet hook are all that you need to get started. With practice, patience and consistency, you will pick up crochet in no time. This book includes many practice patterns to get started. By the time you are done with this book, you will be able to make towels, blankets or anything you can imagine. The possibilities of the items you can make are unlimited. 

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#3 Crochet for Beginners: The Ultimate Step by Step Guide with Illustrations and Pictures! by Mary Anne D. (2015)

To develop the highly coveted skill of crocheting, this is an all-time favorite book. You’ll learn the language of crochet, the crochet abbreviations and symbols, and reading different types of crochet diagrams. It has a mini-guide on crochet yarns and hooks.

The book begins with a step-by-step illustrated guide on basic stitches and gradually goes to complex ones. It is claimed that even if you’ve never held a crocheting hook in your hand, the detailed illustrations will transform you into a crochet master. Its creative portfolio of patterns allows you to choose a project from flowers to beautiful scarves and make gifts for family and friends.

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#4 Teach Yourself Visually: Crochet By Cecily Keim and Kim P. Werker (2011)

This easy-to-follow book is for a new crocheter to grasp step-by-step instructions supplemented with colorful visuals and helpful tips as additional quick reference guides. You begin with a simple pattern and move to complex ones pretty fast. It gives you the tools to create unique crochet projects. With patterns and techniques explained step by step, you will get hooked on crochet. The variety of innovative patterns gives ideas for your first few projects. 

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#5 Crochet for Beginners – The Complete Guide to Mastering Crocheting in 24 Hours or Less! by Dianne Selton (2016)

This book teaches about types of crochet hooks and crochet yarns, and different stitches to get started and claims learning crocheting is not hard, and you can acquire this skill in 24 hours or less! You will also learn to add more details to a basic pattern, add scalloped edges and create intricate patterns of your own. It will also teach you how to make lovely useable items for gifts and show your creativity. The included crocheting tips will help you to keep going and get better faster.

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#6 One Day Crocheting Projects by Elizabeth Taylor (2014)

This book has over 15 simple, easy and quick crochet projects for a beginner in crocheting with full directions, material lists, and color photos. It takes you through the basics of crocheting with patterns to practice, from headband to caterpillar. The instructions are clear and easy to follow to make some cute items. And even if you have been crocheting for years, this book will help you refresh your skills. 

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#7 Granny Square Academy: Take Your Beginner Crochet Skills to the Next Level by Shelley Husband

This book is for taking a beginner crocheter to the next level and teaches you to crochet seamlessly. You can learn new crochet stitches and techniques, calculate the yarn required for a project, use multi-colors or join two pieces. This book has everything to master the craft. And, this book gives you charts in both UK and US terms for all the patterns!

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#8 Crochet Cute Critters – 26 Easy Amigurumi Patterns by Sarah Zimmerman (2019)

Even beginner crocheters can learn amigurumi, the art of crocheting stuffed toys. This book has simple patterns for creating adorable animals (critters), from alligator to zebra, with easy-to-make crochet designs that are perfect for beginners well as for advanced enthusiasts of amigurumi. You can make 26 cuddly animals with the magic of crochet using comprehensive instructions on essential crocheting skills, in addition to a full-color picture of each critter.

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#9 Crochet Books: 30 Crochet Patterns in 30 Days by Anna Cross (2015)

This book is ideal for Do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts who have basic crochet knowledge to nurture their creative genius and master crocheting. The book has classic, simple, or standout patterns, to crochet gifts and accessories, in practically no time at all. This exciting crochet book includes 30 DIY fun and cute crochet projects with images like Booties for Babies, Phone Case, Bag, Shawl, Fireplace Blanket and more. 

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#10 The Tunisian Crochet Handbook: A Beginner’s Guide by Toni Lipsey

Tunisian crochet is a unique crochet style that looks more like knitting. There are few books on Tunisian crochet for beginners that give step-by-step instructions. This book introduces tools and yarns for this fascinating craft and a wide array of Tunisian crochet stitches. The instructional section includes 20 projects with patterns, necessary schematics and photographs to guide crocheters of different skill levels. Projects like a shawl, garment, and accessory featured in the book take you beyond the basics, introducing new stitches and finishings with easy but engaging patterns and design possibilities. 

tunisian crochet handbook toni lipsey crochet books

These are some of our favorite crochet books. The best part about this collection is most of them are available for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription!

Do you own a copy of any of these? Or do you have some other gems in your collection? Share in the comments below!

Happy crocheting, and learning new things always!

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