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20 Free Crochet & Knit Patterns for DIY Face Masks

As the world adjusts to the new normal in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, face masks have become a part of our lives. These free crochet and knit patterns of face masks will be helpful in that endeavor!

We are going to start off this post with a disclaimer. Crochet or knit face masks are not medical grades. They are not designed or meant to prevent, treat, reduce, or even cure any health condition, including COVID-19. 

These masks will definitely discourage you from touching your face all the time and contain some of the droplets so that you are less likely to spread them around. If you use them as a cover for the medical-grade masks, you can make the medical masks last longer. 

You can check out the World Health Organization website for more information about how and when to use a mask for your safety. Only you can make a decision for yourself and consider the safety of your loved ones. 

WHO When and How to Use Masks

CDC Considerations for Wearing Masks

There are many face masks available in the market, but if you want to make your own face masks, these crochet and knit patterns are simple and easy enough to follow. You won’t need a lot of yarn, and you can make do with any leftover yarn in your stash. The only thing to remember when choosing yarn for your masks is that it should be washable. 

Most handmade masks require a filter behind the mask, and many of these pattern designs include a small pocket on the inside. 

Here’re some of the free patterns for face masks that we like the best all across the world wide web!

Red Heart Fabric-Lined Adult Crochet Face Mask

It’s a simple crochet face mask pattern from Yarnspirations that is designed based on CDC’s recommendations. The free crochet pattern for the face mask is easy enough and features simple hdc stitches. The design is such that the mask gets a curved shape when it is worn. 

Red Heart Fabric-Lined Adult Knit Face Mask

The design works up fast, and you can make it within the hour! The free knit pattern of the face mask involves a seed stitch pattern. After completing the knit face mask, you can attach a fabric to the back as a filter. Overall, this knit face mask is stretchy and comfortable enough to wear. 

Crochet Face Mask

A simple face mask with a cute cat face in the front is perfect for all feline lovers out there! The free crochet pattern features simple stitches to make the mask with detailed instructions. After completing the crochet face mask, you can embroider the crochet cat nose on the top along with the whiskers. The pattern also gives easy-to-follow instructions to attach a filter on the backside of the mask. 

bohemian cat crochet face mask

Multicolor Crochet Face Mask Cover Up

It’s a free crochet pattern from OkieGirlBlingnThings for a lovely multicoloured cotton face mask. This mask is not meant to be worn independently but as an outer layer for a simple and boring looking medical-grade mask. 

Multicolor Crochet Face Mask Cover Up

Fox Face Mask Cover Up 

It is another free pattern for a cute crochet face mask from OkieGirlBlingnThings. The free pattern features a fox design where you can hot glue or sew the fox nose and ears on the mask. This animal-themed design is certainly kid-friendly, and your little one is gonna love the cute fox design.

Fox Face Mask Cover Up

Wonder Woman Crochet Face Mask Cover

For all the Wonder Woman fans out there, this is a perfect face mask cover. Show off the woman power inspired by DC and make people smile with this face mask cover. It’s a simple and easy-to-follow pattern that will definitely be a fun one to make amongst all the plain patterns! 

Wonder Woman Crochet Face Mask Cover

Crochet Face Mask with Filter Pocket

It’s an easy and free crochet pattern to make a face mask with a filter pocket. The free pattern of the crochet face mask uses wattle stitch mainly. You can personalize the front of the mask by making something like a moustache, lips, or even a teddy bear face. 

Knit Face Mask 

It’s a quick and fun knitting project that you can make in a very short time. What’s unique about this pattern is that it uses your regular hair ties as the ear straps! 

knit face mask from love crafts

Frog Face Mask with Filter 

A face mask with a bit of whimsy, this knit face mask free pattern is certainly a little more complicated than others. It needs some intermediate level of skills and combines knitting with some amigurumi-like techniques to make the stuffy eyes!

Face Mask Crochet Pattern

It’s a simple free crochet pattern to make your own face mask. It does not have any filter, so best use it as a face mask cover. The free pattern includes basic crochet stitches that even a beginner can follow! 

Cute & Easy Cat or Mouse Face Mask 

This cute mouse or cat face mask is very easy to make! And the best part, you will be looking super ‘mice’ with the mask chasing away the virus! 

Cat or Mouse Face Mask

Crochet Face Mask with Filter Pocket

It’s a super quick and easy face mask free pattern that you can probably make within the hour. This one comes with an internal pocket so that you can place a filter and make the face mask more secure. The pattern is written for both adult and child sizes, so it makes it easier than others to follow. 

Crochet Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Crochet Face Mask with Liner Pattern

The crochet face mask pattern is simple and easy to follow. The free pattern also instructs how to create and attach the filter to the mask. 

Face Mask for Kids & Adults

A super fun take on the crochet face masks free patterns! The pattern instructions will help you customize your face mask in any of the patterns, including the face mask looking like a cupcake, watermelon, pizza, and more! These are certainly a great way to accessorize your outfits. The best part – all the patterns are super easy to make!!

Easy DIY Crochet Face Mask with Filter

It’s a simple free crochet pattern with full instructions on fitting a filter in the back of the mask for better protection.

Crochet Face Mask with Pocket

There is no centerfold in this face mask pattern, but it has a more pocket-like structure that sits well on your nose and chin. You can place a filter in the inner pocket to increase the mask’s protective effects. 

Reversible Crochet Face Mask

It’s a reversible mask, so you can use two different skeins, one in the front and one in the back. The free pattern itself is quite simple and easy to follow. And you can even add a filter in between the two layers for extra protection. 

Free Face Mask Crochet Pattern 

Another super duper easy pattern! Either you can attach a filter on the back or layer it with a medical-grade mask. 

Hello Kitty Crochet Face Mask

It’s definitely one of the cutest ones out there and perfect for ‘Hello Kitty’ fans! It even has a pretty bow on the side, just like your favorite kitty.

hello kitty mask for covid-19

Braided Puff Stitch Crochet Mask Pattern 

It’s a slightly different pattern with braided puff stitches that make it look unique amongst all the other patterns.

braided puff face mask

All of these free crochet and knit patterns for face masks are perfect for creating a layer of protection, but in no way they can replace a medical-grade face mask.

Be healthy, be safe! And keep knitting & crocheting!

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Which amongst these is your favorite free pattern of face masks? Share in the comments below! And Save This Pin, so you always have access to some of the best free crochet and knit patterns out there for face masks!

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